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“To be honest, we didn’t even know that we needed a strong digital presence or to be active on social media. Once Bright Lights took over, we seen the results pretty quickly. They helped us acquire new clients and new friends. Very satisfied.”

– Julie C. (Bright Lights Customer)

“Bright Lights just knew what to do, they took over everything for us and really became part of our team. I feel as if they gave our company a voice when we didn’t have one”

– Dan T. (Bright Lights Customer)

Listing Assistant

Keep up to date on all of your business listings. We monitor around the clock and will fix any inaccuracies or missing listings. Accurate listings are the biggest part of your “Virtual Doorway”, making this a crucial part of your digital marketing plan.

Reputation Hawk

Reputation management is all about what potential customers see about your business once they find it. You will be notified anytime your business is talked about online whether its on social media, a review, a blog, or just some comment in a forum. All of your mentions, reviews from the major sites & social activity will be responded to on your behalf. You can also use your Bright Lights business listing to acquire new positive reviews.

Social Playground

Social media is the single biggest way to communicate with the people that need your business most, it is a great way to acquire new customers & maintain current customers. Let us take control and help your company make some new friends. Using proven strategies we are able to increase engagement and help your business make new relationships.

Website Design

Your website matters just as much as the physical location of your business, it is what decides how you look to the world. A good website must also be quick to load & easy to navigate. There is a science to building a website that converts to sales.  Get a free snapshot report at the top of this page to see how your website build is doing and how we can help.

“BOUND” Social Powered WiFi Hotspot

Reach the customers that have already visited your business, capture emails and social profiles of the users that connect to your WiFi so you can keep in touch with them in the future and encourage them to revisit. You can also see how many times a user returns and see who your top customers are to reward them.

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